Friday, September 12, 2014

Indigenous ready for New York, despite UN's hand picked participants

Indigenous ready for New York, despite UN's hand picked participants
By Ayce
Indigenous Resistance

Gearing up for NYC this week to support the Indigenous Environmental Network with multi-media at the People's Climate Mobilization. It's going to be a packed week:
New York, NY – Sept. 18th - 23rd Indigenous delegates from across North and South America will converge in New York City to participate in a series of mass mobilizations focused on Climate Change and to demand that the rights of Indigenous Peoples be recognized. The events will culminate with an Indigenous-led march on Sept. 21 that is anticipated to be the largest climate rally in history. This convergence of grassroots movements comes as a response to the United Nations Climate Summit and the World Conference of Indigenous Peoples [WCIP], slated to run concurrently Sept. 22nd - 23rd. Both the UN summit and the WCIP are open to select world leaders from government, finance, business sectors, and Indigenous groups. The UN’s unbalanced selection of voices from frontline communities most impacted by industry and most susceptible to climate change, will propel unprecedented action in New York City. website launching this Sat. That's where we'll be posting all the on the grounds videos, updates, and more. Stay tuned! -- Posted by Ayce

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  1. The TIME is NOW : Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth

    The jurisprudence which articulates the nationhood of Indigenous Peoples is also is a projection of jurisdiction at the planetary level, with mutual responsibilities towards the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth, and the well being of the Future Generations. The distinction being that our Rights of Nationhood emerge from the COGNITION, and then thus RECOGNITION, of our responsibilities as ONE of the Nations (two legged species of kindom) – among ALL of the RELATIONS to whom and with we share as human society collectively, the responsibility to act in complementarity within the equally shared environment of the Natural World. We are Nations of Mother Earth, and will not consent to be diminished or to be dominated under the regime of the government states of the UN system as mere ethnic groups, or minorities.